Black Lives Matter co-founder claims black homeownership fights ‘white supremacy’

Embracing controversy, Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Khan-Cullors complained on social media about alleged racism in the American housing market. On her Instagram page, she called on black homeowners to “disrupt white supremacy.”

In her social media post, she wrote, “Thank you @npr for highlighting the history of racism inside of the housing market and why Black homeownership has always been a way to disrupt white supremacy.” Cullors cited an article from NPR about a “racist architecture of homeownership.”

Interestingly enough, Cullors published the social media post about homeownership several weeks after news broke that she bought four homes for $3.2 million. The New York Post highlighted Cullors’s hypocrisy and reiterated that it is unclear how she made millions of dollars as a social justice activist, considering that the Black Lives Matter movement stated it never paid Cullors money for at least a year.

She claimed that she never took salary from her social justice activism, but that it came from teaching and book deals.

Much of the Black Lives Matter rhetoric focuses on battling white supremacy and tearing down American institutions, but fails to coherently address meaningful policy changes such as fixing the hurdles facing potential homeowners, criminal justice reform, education reform, and increasing economic opportunities.

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