Black adults buy Black Lives Matter propaganda

While support for Black Lives Matter is not as high as it used to be, there is some support among members of the black community.

Findings by the Pew Research Center confirmed that black adults have a generally-favorable opinion of the Black Lives Matter movement as a whole. Pew’s survey found that 39% of black adults believe that Black Lives Matter did the most to help black people lately, when compared to other organizations or groups.

Black Lives Matter has the highest support among black adults compared to the NAACP (17%), black churches or religious groups (13%), Congressional Black Caucus (6%), and National Urban League (3%). A staggering 14% chose other groups or organizations.

The survey was conducted before the series of scandals that hit the Black Lives Matter organization.

Although the survey did not specify whether Black Lives Matter was the overall movement or the much-maligned and scandal-plagued organization, it shows that the rallying cry was convincing enough among the black community.

Teen support for Black Lives Matter was higher when compared to adults, with around 70% of teenagers between the ages 13-17 saying that they strongly or somewhat support the overall movement.

Despite the 2020 summer of chaos, rioting, property destruction, and looting inspired by Black Lives Matter, Pew’s survey found that people bought the Black Lives Matter propaganda hook, line, and sinker.

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