BLM changed accounting details during donation scandal

Black Lives Matter, a media darling and the public face of “anti-racism” and anti-police rhetoric, cannot catch a break as it tries to navigate one scandal after another.

The Washington Examiner reported that the national group, whose official name is the Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation, changed its accounting procedures to allegedly hide where its 2020 fundraising haul of $60 million in donations went.

BLM is already facing scrutiny because it did not file its tax filings on-time in multiple states, and whose actual office location is unknown, as we previously reported.

In previous tax filings, BLM did not indicate that the organization changed its accounting calendar.

The organization changed its accounting calendar, without announcement or notice, from a regular January-December calendar to a July-June fiscal calendar. Meaning, it can stall donation reports until May 2022, which reports should detail where the $60 million in donations went. Now, with the accounting move, it only reported its donations from the first half of the year 2020 and omitted information about the second half of the year. The Examiner reported that the recently-filed IRS 990 form showed that BLM was dormant at that time because it was sponsored by a left-wing California-based charity Thousand Currents.

AIA previously reported that Thousand Currents is a left-wing organization that acts as grant maker, where it gives grant funding to left-wing causes while hiding its donor lists.

BLM separated from Thousand Currents by July 2020, which time period was not filed with the IRS due to the accounting move of changing its calendar year. Interestingly enough, Thousand Currents “dumped $66.5 million directly into BLM’s coffers in October 2020” due to a transfer agreement.

BLM officially operated as a charity in August 2020, when it began to receive the first of its eventual $60 million in donations. When it does file its next form, it will have to report “its five highest compensated independent contractors who received more than $100,000 between July 1, 2020, and June 30, 2021,” as the Examiner reported.

So far, BLM is hiding the truth about where its $60 million in donations went, but its May 2022 filing could expose even more ugly truths and raise more questions.

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