BLM bails out activist who shot at politician

Black Lives Matter, aside from its fundraising and spending scandals, has another problem on its hands: Its Louisville, Kentucky chapter bailed out one of its activists who shot at a mayoral candidate.

Quintez Brown, a 21-year-old BLM activist, was arrested after being accused of firing multiple rounds inside the office of Louisville mayoral candidate Craig Greenberg. BLM Louisville, through a bail fund, posted the $100,000 bond to get Brown out of jail.

Brown was arrested and charged with attempted murder, after he opened fire with a handgun inside the campaign office. Greenberg was not injured, but he said that a bullet grazed his sweater. Brown is also facing other charges, such as four counts of wanton endangerment for firing shots near campaign staffers.

The judge told Brown to have no contact with Greenberg or any member of his campaign staff, and that he is prohibited from having firearms. The police believed that Brown was acting alone.

Brown is a student at the University of Louisville, who is also running as an independent candidate for the city’s metro council. He has since been wearing an ankle monitor and is under house arrest.

A cofounder of the bail fund, and fellow organizer Chanelle Helm, told a local news outlet that Brown was probably suffering from PTSD due to the coronavirus pandemic and social unrest. She said that he would be safer out of prison than being in prison awaiting trial. “In this case,” Helms said, “We’re dealing with someone that has mental health issues.” She blamed law enforcement for his arrest, “They are calling for this individual, this young man who needs support and help, to be punished to the full extent.” She added, “It is a resounding message that people are down for the torture that has taken place in our jails and prisons.”

According to the New York Post, the bail fund’s social media page said that it “exists to not only bail out folks, but provide post-release support to get them from jail, fed, and to a situation of safety.”

Several leaders condemned the bail fund’s decision to bail out Brown. Metro Council President, David James, warned that the decision could have dire consequences, “They are going to be responsible for what he may or may not do to anybody.”

Republican Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell tweeted that the “innocent people of Louisville deserve better.” “Less than 48 hours after a far-left Black Lives Matter activist tried to literally murder a politician, the radical left bailed their comrade out of jail. It is just jaw-dropping.”

McConnell appears to know Louisville well because he is a graduate of the University of Louisville. Also, he and his wife, former Bush and Trump administration official Elaine Chao, have donated money to establish his archives library at his alma mater.

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