BLM activist sentenced to prison time over voter registration confusion

As much as the Left claims that voter fraud or violations are fictitious or unreal, the sentencing of a Black Lives Matter activist tells otherwise.

Memphis BLM chapter founder Pamela Moses was sentenced to six years in prison after her November 2021 conviction over illegal voting registration in Tennessee. It was due to her previous criminal history, which under Tennessee law disallows her from registering to vote in elections.

The Washington Examiner reported that she pleaded guilty to two felonies and three misdemeanors in 2015 when she stalked and harassed a local judge. She was then placed on probation for seven years, but in total, it made her permanently ineligible to vote in the state of Tennessee.

Moses said that she did not know that she lost voting rights in Tennessee due to her criminal past. Her supporters said that her sentence is unfair because of confusion between her, her probation officer, a local judge, and the electoral commission.

She tried to run for mayor in 2019, but was told that she could not run due to her felony record. The issue was not clarified, in her opinion, due to conflicting information on when her probation ended and whether a probation officer signed a document that declared her probation period to be over.

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