Black Lives Matter is a dark money-funded Marxist group

As much as the Left, mainstream media and Democratic Party try to legitimize the Black Lives Matter movement, the reality about the group is far from the peaceful protest narrative. The financial picture of the movement is at best muddled, if not secretive and hidden from public view and public accountability, because it is a “dark money” organization.

For years, the Left railed against conservative and libertarian donors for the use of oft-called “dark money” organizations to shield their identities from exposure and public shaming. “Dark money” refers to organizations that receive donations from anonymous donors, which funds are then distributed to affiliated causes and groups. It is called “dark money” because the public cannot legally force the organizations from disclosing their donors’ names or relevant information.

Black Lives Matter used one such “dark money” organization to shield its finances from the public eye, called Thousand Currents. Thousand Currents announced that it had served “as the fiscal sponsor” for the Black Lives Matter movement for four years and that this year, Black Lives Matter moved its finances to another organization called Tides. Thousand Currents said that the move was made to shift from fiscal sponsorships to grantmaking.

Thousand Currents claims that it is an approved charity organization, also known as a 501(c)(3), and brags that it has “invested more than $10 million in 1,000 community-led initiatives.”

Thousand Currents’ website said it is a financial arbiter of sorts. “We fund local solutions,” the website said, and that its vision reads like a mess of radical environmentalist and social justice jargon. Its vision statement says that it foresees “a world where humanity thrives as a creative force that is in reciprocal and interdependent with nature, and creates loving, equitable and just societies.”

But other than the aforementioned information, the public cannot find any disclosures about Thousand Currents’ list of donors or grants.

For example, if the public wanted to know how much Black Lives Matter co-founders Alicia Garza or Patrisse Cullors made in a year, they could not find the information in any disclosure. Nor can the public find out whether George Soros, the leftist political philanthropist and boogeyman of the Right, is financially backing Black Lives Matter.

Regarding its new financial partner in Tides, Black Lives Matter will be supported by Tides Foundation’s Black Lives Matter Support Fund. Tides announced that this fund “will support BLM’s grantmaking activities. This unique partnership will further amplify the extraordinary, unparalleled successes of BLM’s chapter-led, decentralized organizational model, while also allowing BLM to build the necessary infrastructure for sustainability.”

Tides’ website said that it aims to accelerate “the pace of social change” and “push the boundaries with every dollar and idea to fuel real and lasting change.” It adds, “We are working to create a world of shared prosperity & social justice founded on equality & human rights, a sustainable environment, quality education, and healthy individuals & communities.”

Like Thousand Currents, Tides Foundation is not obligated to disclose its donors and who specifically donated to the Black Lives Matter Support Fund.

Another way that Black Lives Matter receives funding is through the Democratic Party donation platform known as ActBlue. The group’s donation page directly links to ActBlue, which is the online donation platform where donors can send their money to a specific candidate or campaign. The donation page reads, “We appreciate your support of the movement and our ongoing fight to end state-sanctioned violence, liberate Black people, and end white supremacy forever.”

Black Lives Matter is not afraid to admit that it is an apparatus of the Democratic Party and nor does it publicly disclose its financial backers. Unfortunately for Americans, all claims about who is financing Black Lives Matter is mostly speculative because of the current laws governing Thousand Currents and other “dark money” organizations that prohibit release of donor information.

Despite claims to the contrary, Black Lives Matter is a secretive, “dark money”-backed group that sows discord, divisiveness and violence within American society.

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