Black Lives Matter targets the Ivy League

Ivy League higher education institutions such as Harvard and Princeton are under fire for their names or names of their on-campus buildings of alleged racists. Black Lives Matter and other affiliated social justice activists demand that the colleges remove offensive names from buildings and their institution’s name.

After increased pressure, Princeton University removed former U.S. president Woodrow Wilson’s name from its international affairs school and a residential college. Princeton cited Wilson’s history of pro-segregation policies for removing his name. Wilson was the twenty-eight president of the United States who unwillingly led the country into World War One and created the United Nations’ failed predecessor, the League of Nations.

Harvard University is under pressure from activists to remove the name of former university president and slave owner Increase Mather. At least one residential building and a courtyard are named after Mather. 

Yale University avoided activist pressure and demands after 2017, when it dropped the name of pro-slavery U.S. senator John C. Calhoun from one of its residential colleges. Now the former “Calhoun College” is the Grace Hopper College, which honors a former female rear admiral in the U.S. Navy.

Other Ivy League institutions have avoided activist pressure so far, but it is unclear whether that will continue in the coming months.

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