Corporate America gives into Black Lives Matter radicalism

Despite Black Lives Matter-fueled violence and property destruction, corporate America gave in to BLM’s demands for more funding for specific causes that claim to provide  solutions to racial inequality issues around  the country.

Here is a list of corporations that  have promised various internal reforms and promised donations to organizations that allegedly combat racial inequality issues:

  • AT&T
  • Coca-Cola
  • Comcast
  • Pepsi

AT&T announced that it supports “systemic change” in light of “continued injustices experienced by Black Americans.” The corporation announced that it had committed $10 million  to providing economic opportunity for black communities. The corporation also published a blog post in support of the March on Washington, a social justice march, in which the blog claimed that “social justice is a value that is – and certainly ought to be – shared by everyone.”

Coca-Cola said it committed $2.5 million through its foundation grants to various social justice groups, such as the Equal Justice Initiative and the NAACP Legal Defense Fund. All employee donations will be matched by the corporation, which must “speak up as allies of  the Black Lives Matter movement.” CEO James Quincey told the virtual town hall audience that Coca-Cola has resolved to “put our resources and energy toward helping end the cycle of systemic racism.”

Comcast echoed similar rhetoric and announced a $100 million effort to “fight injustice against any race, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation or ability.” It partnered with several social justice organizations, such as the National Urban League, Equal Justice Initiative, and the NAACP.

Pepsi’s announcement said that it will follow through with a $400 million commitment to “lift up Black communities and Black representation.” It will also partner with the NAACP Legal Defense Fund and other local programs. Pepsi created a $5 million program to mentor Black non-profit CEOs with their own executives, as well as impose mandatory unconscious bias training and inclusion training tools. The corporation also said it will pledge $6.5 million in community grants to “address systemic issues.”

Over the years, corporate America has acquiesced to left-wing and radical demands  to conform to their ideology or risk alienating potential and current customers and employees. Corporations across the United States have implemented the misleading and much-maligned critical race theory and mandatory sensitivity training in order to indoctrinate or intimidate their employees into agreeing with the view that America is an inherently racist country and that white people are to blame.

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