Black Lives Matter Demand Hillary Clinton Implement a ‘New Deal’ for Black Americans

Wasn’t the ‘New Deal’ a failure, historically speaking? Also, the Great Society was supposed to cure society’s ills, so what would a new ‘New Deal’ do for the black American community? This from the Daily Caller:

The activists in the meeting repeatedly called for a New Deal that targets black communities. “This idea that we need to acknowledge America’s original sin, as you put it, right? What does that actually mean in terms of how you talk about the issues and like the platform that you will eventually release? Because we would say, is a color blind platform erases us, because it actually does not speak to the lives of black people,” one attendee said according to the leaked transcript.

In response, Clinton referred to a “three legged stool” of the federal government, private businesses, and local communities. She added, “I would also look for what we can do from the federal level on tax credits, and formulas, and support for the kind of New Deal that was mentioned, and look for any executive action that I can take. I do not know what that would be.”

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