Black Lives Matter Leader Walks Away from Group, but News Ignores His Failed Congressional Bid and Tactics to Fire a Teacher

Rashad Turner, a failed congressional candidate in the state of Minnesota and who forced a longtime special education teacher named Theo Olson to retire over a Facebook post, is now separated from the Black Lives Matter movement over their stance on charter schools. In the reports about his about-face from the national activist umbrella of Black Lives Matter, none mention how Turner called a sixteen-year special education teacher a ‘white supremacist’. Why? Olson expressed his personal opinion in a Facebook post on Black Lives Matter, and Turner blasted him for it. Olson was suspended by the school district and he later decided to retire.

Also, Turner ran unsuccessfully in Minnesota’s 65th District against three-term incumbent Rena Moran, the only black American representative in the House delegation in Minnesota. By one paper’s tally, he was down 79%-21% when 12 of 13 precincts reported the electoral results. He also lost a previous write-in bid for the St. Paul school board, when he was endorsed by the Green Party.

Turner has taken a job as a community engagement director for an educational non-profit.

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