Hillary Clinton Rebuts Black Lives Matter Activists on Affirmative Action

It’s quite a rebuttal from the Democratic Party presidential nominee, in a private meeting with Black Lives Matter activists:

During one part of the meeting, Clinton said that affirmative action had worked to which an attendee said, “You know affirmative action pretty much helps white women not people of color.”

“That is not my understanding. That is certainly not my understanding. At all. I would be happy to look into it, but that is not my understanding,” Clinton replied. The attendee was insistent and said, “it ultimately ended up benefiting white women.”

See I taught at the University of Arkansas Law School. And I taught a lot of black students who were admitted on affirmative action and who needed a lot of help,” Clinton replied. The Democratic presidential nominee added, “And they would not have been there but for affirmative action.”

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