In Private Meeting with Hillary Clinton, Black Lives Matter Activists are Critical of Police and White Privilege

In a private meeting between Hillary Clinton and some Black Lives Matter activists, it got quite contentious when the activists brought up the issue of policing, according to a Wikileaks e-mail dump. Check out this piece of news from the Daily Caller:

The attendees were hostile with Clinton at points. “I think that you’re really speaking for a place of privilege without acknowledging that you’re speaking from a place of privilege, and that’s just not okay,” one female attendee told Hillary. She would later interrupt Clinton’s response to which Hillary said, “Let me finish. I listened to you.”

At multiple points during the meeting the activists said that police don’t make communities safe. “One of the things that you said, that the police are a critical part of keeping communities safe. I think many of us at this table would disagree,” one attendee said. At other time an attendee said, “We’re saying that the police don’t, like, in general, don’t actually make people feel safe.”

One activist also felt that police shouldn’t arrest a nine and an eleven year old with a TEC-9 firearm. The attendee said instead, “The thing that you would do would be have a conversation, let’s try to talk to a counselor, let me get this gun away from you.”

Clinton disagreed with the attendees when it came to these views on police and handling criminals. “But I respectfully disagree that there’s not a role for good, smart, empathetic policing.  I just disagree because I don’t know — I mean, we’ve been around on this earth for a really long time and there are lots of reasons why people act out or why people do things that harm somebody else,” Clinton said at one point.

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