LA Times highlights fundraiser for Black Lives Matter movement

It appears that the Los Angeles chapter for the Black Lives Matter movement is getting free publicity from a complicit mainstream media newspaper: The Los Angeles Times.

The LA Times published a short blurb about the local chapter’s fundraising effort called “Pies for Justice.” Though the fundraiser is not a parody, it demonstrates the pull that the Black Lives Matter movement has among the mainstream media.

The short summary noted that the “Pies for Justice” fundraiser “is returning for Juneteenth (June 19) to raise money for the Black Lives Matter chapter and a local organic produce supplier to south Los Angeles called Süprmarkt. It is the second year for the bake sale, and in its first year, it raised over $26,000. The participants will “prepare a unique pie” for the fundraiser, choosing to sell whole pies, pie slices, hand pies, or raffles.

The newspaper failed to mention that the national Black Lives Matter non-profit organization raked in at least $70 million in 2020. This astonishing fundraising figure begs the question, why do the local chapters like the LA chapter have to fundraise from the community?

 There have been multiple families, and local Black Lives Matter chapters, which complained that the national non-profit has been hoarding donations and has never shared these funds with them. The national organization said that it disperses the funds and does not make this information public, or in other words, they want the public to trust and believe their words without evidence or proof.

Notably, Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Khan-Cullors recently resigned amid criticism of a multi-million-dollar property buying spree, despite her claims that she earned money from book deals and a television contract with Warner Brothers studio. It adds credence to Black Lives Matter critics, who consistently point out at the movement’s lack of financial transparency and blast the movement for making money off of grieving families.

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