Liberal Media Narrative Fights Back Against Charlotte Police Report on Officer-Involved Shooting

Here are the headlines, but know that the liberal media said that the Charlotte-Mecklenburg police said they weren’t sure if the man pointed a gun at police. Contrary to Scott’s family’s statements, the Charlotte-Mecklenburg police found no book in Keith Lamont Scott’s car. Scott was armed with a handgun and did not obey police officer’s commands to disarm. Too bad they don’t seem to consider that when a person is armed, they are usually considered a threat as raising a gun takes a short time:

  • ABC News: Police say it’s unclear if Charlotte man pointed gun before shooting
  • CBS News: Keith Lamont Scott shooting: Charlotte police say he was holding a gun when shot
  • CNN: Charlotte police shooting: Scott had a gun, not a book, chief says
  • NBC News: Keith Lamont Scott, fatally shot by N.C. cops, warned repeatedly to drop gun: chief
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