Protests Renewed where Police Officer was Injured, after Documentary Released Allegedly Edited Footage of Michael Brown at Convenience Store

At the annual South by Southwest (SXSW) festival, a documentary called “Stranger Fruit” debuted and its director, Jason Pollock, claimed that Michael Brown made a transaction before his fatal encounter with a police officer. The prosecutor for the Michael Brown case and the convenience store owner’s attorney criticized the video in question and said that the released video footage was poorly edited.

As a result of the video and media coverage, protests erupted in Ferguson, Missouri. Shots were fired and a police officer was injured (a broken nose when a woman punched him in the face). Someone tried to start a fire to burn a police car, too.

It appeared that only ABC News and CBS News (among the liberal media outlets) covered the incident at the protest.

But, the real question is, did the protesters know the facts of the released video and the facts of the case?

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